Monday, August 22, 2011

We did it!

Note to self: next time we get married, lets get dressed at the ceremony site.

Everything was going swimmingly yesterday morning. I left for my bridesmaid's house at noon, got there at 1, dressed and we were all (6 of us) on the way to the ceremony site by 2. It wasn't till we hit 90/94 that disaster struck.

We had taken the interstate because yesterday was the Air and Water show based out of North Ave Beach, and Lake Shore was going to be busy. We didn't plan for the accident on 94. We stuck it out for a bout 20 minutes, thinking it might clear up, but when we realized we were still only going 5 mph, we got off at the nearest exit. We took Fullerton, which was also packed, but the GPS was directing us to Lasalle, which was not supposed to have any traffic. Of course what I wasn't thinking, was that Lasalle leads right to North Ave, and North Ave Beach.

I think the most frustrating thing was when we got to the Lake Shore Drive entrance, and it was blocked off, making us go North instead of South. Soon after that, I couldn't take sitting anymore and started to walk South. When we passed the Lasalle Lake Shore Drive entrance, it was no longer blocked.

We got a taxi (actually, one of the guests got a taxi and came to get us, all five of us) and got to the garden and from then on, nothing else mattered. It was as if none of it had happened. Besides the judge reminding me that it was all over and I could smile, I don't remember much. I'm pretty sure I said "I do," and that Meng did too, and afterward I hugged everyone and we took pictures. It wasn't until we got to the restaurant that everything set in.

So that's the update. Here are some pictures that my mom took. I'll write more later.

The Ceremony Site

My two lovely bridesmaids, and Emma.

One sleepy baby!

The Cake: Top layer, Vanilla with Strawberry and Champagne filling; Bottom Layer, Red Velvet with Cream Cheese filling.

Soon after, we ate it!

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  1. Editorial Correction - Term Definition:

    "Disaster" VS "Glitch"

    "Glitch" = you are late to your wedding
    "Disaster" = you were the accident on 90/94

    New phrase - paragraph one: "It wasn't until we reached 90/94 that a glitch occurred".

    It was the loveliest wedding I have ever been to (including my own).