Monday, August 1, 2011

A post for Monday

It is indeed Monday, and I don't have much coherent to say. So here are some thoughts strung together in no particular order.

We are in Michigan visiting my parents. Meng has gone out for pizza. Our daughter is lying on the floor at my feet with her arms by her head and I wish I could do a tape-outline.

I am feeling very successful in my culinary skills right now. I think it has something to do with being in my parents house where the utensils I'm used to are. I made pumpkin bread yesterday and the day before, which is something I can't do at my in-law's place because they don't have bread pans. It turned out perfect both times.

On Friday I made fried chicken for the first time, and it turned out perfect. I got the recipe from a friend's blog, Adventures in Marriage, Food and Ministry. I did burn the first piece, but I gradually figured out how to manipulate the oil heat so only the first got burnt. Like Todd in the before mentioned blog, my (fried chicken lover) fiancee did not mind eating a bit of burnt-ness. I paired it with steamed sweet corn, green beans and Pillsbury crescent rolls. Despite the one overdone piece, I am quite proud of myself.

I need to find a nanny or daycare. According to my calculations, I will spend about $230 a week if I hire a nanny. However, according to my research, daycare could cost upwards of $200 a week. If this is the case, I'd rather spend the extra $30 to make sure my daughter gets one-on-one care.

Emma soundlessly woke up and crawled away while I typed that last paragraph, and I don't actually know where she is. So I'm going to go find her. If anyone has good information about nannies or daycare, please share!

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  1. I not only didn't mind a little burntness, I also requested fried chicken at least once a year and no more than once a month... or else.... :)