Friday, August 5, 2011

Our Wedding

Date: August 21st. And by that, I do mean in two and a half weeks. It is a Sunday. August 21st is a very special date for Meng and I. Two years ago, August 21st was a Friday, and we met for the first time at Red Eye Cafe, moved on to Glunz Haus for dinner and moved on to the Cornservatory to see my friends do an improv show. He drove me to my 12 a.m. shift and sat with me in the lobby of Anderson Dorm until 7 a.m. One year ago, August 21st was a Saturday, and Emma was just five days old. We were completely exhausted. My mom took the new baby for a few hours so I could sleep. Meng came into the room, gently kissed me on the forehead and whispered, "Samantha Mead, will you marry me?" August 21st is a special date for us.

Location: Somewhere in the Downtown park district. We didn't want to spend the $400 just to apply to use a location for a half hour, so Meng and his two attendants are going to arrive early and figure out exactly where the ceremony will be held. I am personally hoping for the South Garden next to the Art Institute. The first of Meng and my day-dates was spent there. We took the Brown Line from my apartment, and then just got out and walked. We sat under the foliage of low trees and talked about our lives, about our relationship, and about randomnessity.

My Dress: I have always, even when I was younger, had a very difficult time with the concept of the wedding dress. It just seemed to me that a heavy, thick white dress that cost upwards of $1000, that would only be worn once, was a terrible waste. And in summer heat, because I have always wanted to get married in the summer, I thought the entire affair would be very uncomfortable. I bought my dress at Macy's for about $110. It is 100% cotton. It's got a peasant-style top, rushing in the waist and a very (very) flowy, tea length skirt. After the wedding, I may dye it another color.

My Accessories: I do not plan to wear a veil or tiara or any other such nonsense. My something old will be a pair of earrings that my dad gave me for Valentines Day when I was 18. I know that four years is not that old, but compared to the rest of my nice jewelry it's the eldest. My something new will be my shoes, which are white leather ballet shoes. My something borrowed is a lovely butterfly broach that my Grandmother is loaning me. After much consideration as to how to wear it, I decided to use it to pin up the skirt on one side, just a few inches. My something blue is yet to be determined. I also plan to wear a small pearl bracelet that used to belong to my Aunt Cindy, who passed away not long ago.

Everyone else's attire: Meng and his two attendants have suits from previous weddings. I bought them pink ties and pocket silks. My two attendants chose a vintage inspired dress from It was important to me that they buy a dress that they would wear again. The colors are white, pink and brown. Emma's dress is also white, pink and brown.

The guest list: There are a total of 20 people attending this wedding, including Mengyao and myself. We each have invited our parents, a set of grandparents and two friends. We then invited the friends' significant other's, an officiant and spouse, and our photographer. Two of Meng's family members were invited, making the final count 20.


  1. What about the last line of the poem... "and a six pence in your shoe". If you want one let me know.

  2. I'm so happy for you! The wedding sounds like it will be beautiful. Please post pictures if you can.