Sunday, May 27, 2012

New Apartment!

Um, I didn't mention it on this blog, but we're moving to Boston! Actually, we've moved to Boston. Two days ago. Don't hate me for not telling you. Just roll with me. I have pictures!

Obviously, things aren't finished yet. I'll post more pictures later so you can see the finished product. In preparation for moving into my own (quite small) space, I have recently become obsessed with decorating articles and blogs, so I'm going to tell you all about each picture.

This is our lovely living room. The funny looking thing over the fireplace (we have a fireplace!) is the TV. You may remember the glider if you have ever seen pictures of Emma's nursery before we moved to Chicago. The other green chair was a lucky thrift store find. We plan on using the mantle to display our eclectic kick-knacks, once we figure out where they are.

As you can see, Bailey has made himself at home. Our Ikea couch is a top-of-the-line pull out. This means, friends, that if you are in Boston and you don't want to stay at a hotel, you can crash with us! Let me take a moment to point out the beautiful rug that we bought yesterday for only $100! A bookshelf is going to go next to the window,  maybe. I don't know yet. But I have these lovely hanging tea-candle holders from World Market that I plan on hanging over the couch!

I am particularly proud of this little spot. We put the wood-burning accessories in our storage unit and put together a romantic candle garden. It looks incredible lit. I plan on collecting more candles as I go, and eventually want to get flat glass marbles to fill in the sides, either in black or peach. It also needs something on the sides. I don't know what I'm doing there yet. My impulse is to say plant stands...
My adorable kitchen! Look at my adorable tea-kettle on the stove! And the adorable aloe plant!  And my adorable coffee maker! (Can you tell I'm a fan?) Instead of getting a kitchen table, we opted for bar stools. It saves space, and makes the great-room seem bigger. I want to put decorative shelves on the wall over the bar for my adorable teacup collection.

Naomi, this is for you. :)

This part has been the most fun. It's 90% finished and wants a rug and a few pictures on the walls. The little hutch in the corner  and the rocking chair were mine when I was little. Her table and chairs you may recognize from Christmas. We have a picture of an elephant playing a piano that needs framing to go over the hutch. On the other wall I plan to make a giant "picture frame" where Emma can hang all her pretty art-work. 

Emma actually has yet to see her room. She was asleep when we brought her into the house today (she flew in with Meng's parents this afternoon), and has yet to wake-up. I have not figured out what goes on top of her little dresser. The picture above it (which you can only see half of) is a sand painting of a giraffe drinking water that we bought in Colorado last summer.

Books! The flowers on the walls are decals I got at Target for $10. It's the perfect touch for that corner. There are three small canvas prints to go next to the window. Also, may I draw attention to the lovely pencil drawing on the bookshelf of a mommy and baby elephant? It was done by my dear friend Natalie, who presented this drawing to me at my baby shower two years ago.

Finally the bathroom, which is difficult to photograph. The tub, toilet and vanity are grey, so I am accessorizing with grey zebra stripe and dark blue towels. I have a picture to go on the wall eventually.
And that's all I've got, folks! I'll post more as we reach completion. Meng and my bedroom is \haos right now, so I'll skip posting any pictures of that, though I must boast that there is a window at the head of my bed and I wake every morning with the sun shining in. Cheers!


  1. I am even more glad we caught you while you were still in Chi! Apt. looks great! God bless you all on your new chapter.

    Love Vic

  2. Nice apartment! Much better than my first apartment after graduation.
    Are you done with college, taking a break or transfering to a new school?

    1. I graduated back in December. Meng graduated in May.

  3. Yes, plant stands next to the "fireplace" with some really healthy plants...would add such a nice touch.