Sunday, March 28, 2010

1st Ultrasound and other Updates

The ultrasound... it happened! We now know (as I was suspecting) that I am at 16 weeks instead of 15. This does not change the due date, but it does make my weekly email from make more sense. For almost a month now I've felt like I were at least a week or two ahead of things. I started craving foods. Two weeks later I got an email saying I might have started food cravings. Parts of me got tender, I got an email the next week telling me to expect it. And around the time I could no longer wear my jeans, the email told me to start looking for new pants cause I'd want them in a few weeks.

I looked at this week's email and have found that it's right on. Development of the week? Nosebleeds! Not bad ones, mind you, but the weather is just dry enough and apparently my blood pressure is high enough so that I've been getting trace amounts in my nose/on my Kleenex at different times of the day. The email said to talk to a doctor if it gets bad, but it really hasn't. It's like when you blow your nose too much, only I haven't been.

But yeah, I saw it. It's still too early to say if it's a boy or girl. I'll probably have another ultrasound done in a month or so. I also have pictures. I'll see about uploading one later so ya'll can see what the squirt looks like.

In other news: my living situation. It has been decided that I will go home after the spring term has ended and move back in with my parents, probably until the baby is about 3 months old. It is in my plans to move back to Chicago, get an apartment and pick up classes again in the fall of 2011. Exactly how, when and where isn't that important right now. The problem will be finding ways to see Mengyao (before mentioned amazing boyfriend who is very supportive and understanding and brings me craving food), who has to stay in Chicago. But, there are trains and planes and automobiles... we'll find a way to work it out. And these plans aren't exactly set in stone. They're just the blueprints we're going to work with.

Oh, I should mention that I have been reprimanded by several people for saying that the glucose test was not worth the torture. Having mentioned that, I should furthermore say that it has been a week, and no one has contacted me to put me on insulin. Therefore, having noted and catalogued the opinion of the many, I proclaim my verdict: I win!

Coming soon: "What foods could there not be enough of?" "10 reasons to keep chocolate in the house," and "How my college tried to tell me pregnancy was not a valid excuse for dropping a class."

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