Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pregnancy Glow?

I like to think of myself as an every–day person. Take my morning schedule for example. I usually wake up a half hour later than intended. I then take a quick shower, which consists of shampooing and conditioning my hair, using St.Ives apricot scrub on my face, and running a loofa over my body with a bit of body wash. Immediately after towel drying, I clean my ears, blow dry my hair (sometimes I use a smoothing serum), and then take my time getting dressed. I also put on a small amount of makeup, which includes light eyeliner on the bottom lid only, loosely applied face powder, maybe some eye shadow (no outrageous colors) and some blush. This is called the “natural” look. In other words, every single day, with the exception of clothing changes, I look exactly the same as the day before… or so I thought.

Today was a rather ordinary day. I overslept, I showered, I dried my hair and threw on the same makeup I wear every day. I have been wearing the same black velour lounge pants for three days straight, by the way. The only thing different about today was that instead of putting on a good shirt, something that I would like people to associate me with, I grabbed the first wrinkled t-shirt I saw. Turns out it was one of the shirts that I’d “modified,” meaning I cut off the collar and shortened the sleeves without re-hemming anything. I felt rather like a slob… not that I cared. If I cared I would have worn something else.

I got so many compliments today on how great I looked. I was told that my skin looked great, that my eyes seemed so bright… in short, I apparently look amazing. I look in the mirror and don’t think I look any different; in fact I think I look tired, worn out, and spent. Is this pregnancy glow?

That’s what my grandfather thinks. According to him, I look “absolutely radiant” and that it absolutely due to the “aura that comes with pregnancy.” My mom even went so far as to say that I look like I’ve slimmed down (which I KNOW is not true) and that my face looks flushed and healthy.

Just to top it all off, I was riding the Brown Line from the Quincy to Kimball last night (after spending four hours on a train, sleeping and stuffing my face with Raisinetts) when this guy walks up to me, says, “I’m Steven,” hands me his number on an old transit card, and walks out the door. He wasn’t some creepy old geezer, either. He was quite good looking, tall… so I’m confused.

I can’t seem to find any valid information that this whole “pregnancy glow” is something to be accounted for. Every article I read makes references to oily skin and acne, not glowing skin and radience. Does anyone have the answer???

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