Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy (late) Easter!!!

I’m sorry it has taken me so long to update. I spent the entire weekend doing Easter festivities. I colored eggs, as you can see below. Mr Duckie with his bunny slippers is proudly displaying my two favorites. I call them “boy” and “girl.”

In addition to coloring Easter eggs, I took a day trip to Michigan to have Easter dinner with my grandparents and parents. My (ever wonderful and understanding) boyfriend drove me all the way and back, despite the fact that I was crabby and not that pleasant to deal with at 7 a.m. I don’t know why, but I woke up yesterday morning feeling very uncomfortable in the abdominal area. Feelings ranged from gurgles to sharp pains. These feelings magically disappeared soon after having a bowl of my mom’s amazing pasta salad… funny how that works. It’s a great recipe, and I would totally recommend it to anyone and everyone. Without any attention to measurements, which you can just decide for yourself, throw together:

1. Some sort of pasta, cooked al dente. Mom used bowties yesterday but Grandma usually uses rotini. Just don’t use any tubular pastas like macaroni or penne because it will get watery and gross once it’s in with everything else.
2. Cucumber, peeled, sliced and diced
3. Peppers. Red, green and/or yellow. It’s up to you
4. Carrots sliced thin
5. Radishes, also sliced thin
6. Cherry tomatoes. You can also use Roma’s but the picky eaters in the family find cherry tomatoes easier to pick out
7. Black olives, drained
8. Sharp cheddar cheese. Grandma usually uses shredded cheese, but Mom and I prefer to use small chunks.
9. Italian salad dressing. This is another one you can decide for yourself. Grandma uses creamy Italian while Mom prefers plain ol’ Italian. Personally, I think it’s great both ways. Be sure not to use too much. It should be enough to coat everything, but not enough to pool at the bottom of the bowl.
10. You can add just about any other vegetable you like to it. Grandma likes to use broccoli, but discovered many people (including Grandpa) picking it out. I’ve also seen it with celery (meh).

So yeah, that’s the magic recipe. As with all things, use responsibly. Moving on…

Mengyao made a wonderful impression on the extended family, which is amazing because ever since the news of our little development, we’ve had to defend him extensively when around my dad's parents. (It’s funny how they keep on coming to the conclusion that I had nothing to do with it…) It would be good to note that my parents have always liked him and don’t lay any blame on him to speak of. It obviously takes two.

In other developments, my middle section, which seems to be ballooning quite nicely. I am beginning to wear stretchy clothing only, which is fine because it gives me an excuse to wear a skirt every day. Also, I should let you all know that I’m having trouble with the scanner at the school’s computer lab and have not yet been able to upload the pictures onto my computer. Will do ASAP.

Well, I’ve got to take off because, unfortunately, homework doesn’t stop for pregnancy. I’ll try to write more tomorrow for the sake of those before promised updates.

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