Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sorry, Sorry. Here's an Update.

It's been a while since I've posted, and I apologize. Between getting settled in the new environment, classes starting up and existing on a daily basis, things have been pretty hectic. So... updates?

School. I've started classes back at North Park and things are going sufficiently well. It's quite the trek up there (a 35 minute drive on good days), so I get plenty of time to listen to the radio. I am now up-to-date on my Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas and Britney Spears music, and to my chagrin I'm starting to enjoy it. I even (don't judge) turned up the bass when Enrique Iglesias' I Like It came on yesterday. It has a Court Jester reference in it! Gold star for you if you've seen The Court Jester, two gold stars if you can tell me what the reference I'm talking about is.

Theatre. I'm in the ensemble for our spring production, which is called Lilith. It's based off the talmudic myth of Adam's first wife, who is often thought of as the first vampire to appear in literature. The play is... complicated. You'll just have to come see it. This play, which will be amazing, incidentally, has me driving up to North Park almost every day.

Emma. "Finally!" you say, "This is what I want to read about!" Well, if my mother weren't among my readers, I'd have a choice saying for you, but for know I'll just say, "Thank you for your patience." Emma is 7 months old today and a whopping 18ish pounds. She is up to 2 jars (about 8 oz total) of baby food per day, in addition to formula, rice cereal and the occasional apple slice (which she does not really eat as much as suck on). As we speak, Emma is devouring some "Home-style Squash and Zucchini." She'll eat anything that we give her, the first time we give it to her, without exception. It's quite impressive. She's not quite crawling, but she can get into the right position and can squirm her way across a room in about five minutes. She wants to do everything that she sees us do, including drinking out of a glass, typing on a computer, using an Xbox controller and sorting papers (only for Emma it's not so much the content of the words as the composition of the paper, that is, tear-able in one pile, edible in another) She's incredibly happy all the time. I think she can tell how loved she is and she's radiating it back. She'll smile for anyone.

My Sanity. It's there usually. I must say that if it weren't for my (incredibly sensitive and understanding) fiancée, I'd have gone crazy last month. Living with his parents makes tension high, and not a day goes by when I don't wish we had the money to get our own place. I relax by knitting. I've been making scarves compulsively, and I'm determined that none of them will have a purpose. Once I have a reason for making a scarf, it's not relaxing anymore. I also spend quite a bit of time watching Film Noir movies on Netflix. I hope to get my bike in the city soon. Now that the weather is nicer, it'd be great to explore the area a little. This is a nice segue into the next topic...

My Weight. At first I didn't want to blog about this, but then I remembered how my mission on this blog has been to represent life with pregnancy and baby with as much realism and raw truth as possible. Before I got pregnant, I weighed in around 160ish. I never really kept track, but I was ready to admit that I could lose a few pounds. Seven months after having Emma, I weigh the same amount that I did when I was 8 months pregnant. That's 190 lb. Ouch, right? I only have two pair of pants that fit, one pair that fits comfortably. I've started Weight Watchers Online, and while I'm not seeing immediate results in my weight, I have seen a change in what I eat, which I believe is the first step. Writing down everything that I eat and seeing how the points system works really makes me think about the things I put into my system. I try to go to the gym at school when I have the motivation.

So that's what's up with me. I'll post more updates later, but in the meantime, I need to be out the door early tomorrow and have no idea what i'm going to wear!

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