Sunday, December 19, 2010

Let me eat cake!

This is a post of contentment. I am, at the moment, sitting with what might count as my fourth piece of cake.* Across the room, Meng and his friend Percy are playing video games (not the same one, ironically enough), and Emma is sleeping peacefully in her crib in the next room. We wanted cake, and though it's not the best since it's been sitting under a glass counter all day, it fills the craving.

This evening we will probably stay up much later than we aught to. The guys will play video games and I'll do my puzzle and we won't go to bed until well after 1 a.m. for no particular reason at all. Then we'll get up way too early and drive way too far to Milwaukee to visit more friends, and possibly eat more cake.

I've been having a hard time feeling good about my appearance lately. I'm at least two dress sizes larger than I was before, and I've been trying to exercise and diet. But tonight is a different kind of night. Tonight we make all the wrong decisions for all the wrong reasons. Tonight we pretend that we're naturally invincible like James Bond and Batman. Tonight we eat cake.

*I have yet to actually finish a piece of cake. The chocolate was too heavy, the tiramisu was mostly eaten by Meng and the red velvet was too rich. Right now I'm eating strawberry cheesecake.

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