Monday, November 15, 2010

Sniffle-y Baby

Emma has had the sniffles for almost a week now. Of course, she cannot communicate to me the extent of her symptoms, so I don't know if she has a sore throat like I or a headache like Meng has, but she doesn't have a fever, so I haven't taken her in to see the doctor. We talked to an RN at the pediatrician's office who told us to use saline spray and a nasal aspirator in that order every two hours. I can't tell how much it is helping, but she sure does cry a lot when we do it.

It might be just as hard on her as it is on me, though I don't cry as much. The thing is that somewhere in the recesses of my mind I have logged away the memory of my mom using that on me... As I recall, it is a shocking experience every time it happens. My eyes are watering thinking about it.

She just isn't catching on to the nose blowing idea.


  1. Love the new look! I bet Emma had her hand in helping you design it. She is a genius, you know!

  2. Nasal aspriator...what a nice way to say snot sucker!