Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Baby Happened: An Outline

Water broke at 11:45 am, 8/16. No contractions.

Checked into hospital 1:30 pm. Still no contractions.

Given pitocin around 4 pm because there were still no contractions.

Meng arrived a little after 5. Some contractions by this point, but nothing serious.

Contractions became noticeably uncomfortable between 8 and 9.

Contractions caused serious discomfort by 10.

Around 11, I started pushing.

Emma Yuan Liang was born at 11:53 pm, weighing exactly 6 pounds and measuring 19.5 inches long.

More descriptive details, along with the story of the last two days will come tomorrow. Until then, see these pictures taken by the hospital photographer. If I may say so myself, I bake a cute baby. Meng might have helped.

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  1. Dang girl! that was fast!!! Congrats and much love!! give Emma a kiss from me!