Saturday, December 29, 2012

A World of Discovery: Orange Juice

Emma has had the sniffles for some time now. Against the advice of my mother, I've avoided giving her orange juice, mostly because of the sugar rush that follows. But alas, today we are out of oranges. In an effort to drive away the snot, I caved in and gave Emma orange juice. Somehow it didn't occur to me she'd never had it before.

Disclaimer for the health nuts: I watered it down. A lot.

She was excited at the prospect of getting juice. It's something that usually only happens at Grandma's house.  I gave her a cup and she took a sip. Then she looked at me. "Orange!" she exclaimed in the same way one might say, "Eureka!"

"That's right, Baby, it's orange juice."

"Orange? Juice! Orange juice! Wow."

Who knew one part orange juice two parts water could be so revolutionary?

1 comment:

  1. LOL My 2 year old had the same reaction the first time she had Apple Juice. (It was on an airplane, and that turned out to be a BAD CHOICE.)