Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sure enough...

Blogger has this neat thing, where you can look in your statistics and see what keywords are used when your blog is viewed using a Google search. Today the top keywords are almost what you would expect: "College Baby Bump," "How to make a baby bump collage," "Baby Burps College" and "Touch my sandwich blog."

The last one caught me off guard so I googled it. Sure enough, if you search for "touch my sandwich blog," I am the second result. If you just search for "touch my sandwich," I am the 7th result. If you search "touch my sammich," I am still on the first page. 

Here's to you, sandwich kitteh!

(As a side note, after having typed the word "touch" so many times, it looks weird. So many words look and sound weird when repeated over and over. Example: was, of, silk and tilt)

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