Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy Birthday, Bean Sprout!

At about this time, on August 15, 2010, I was just returning from a trip to the Toledo Zoo.

Elephantine me with the Elephants

Little did I know it would be the trip that tripped the time bomb in my uterus. My water broke first thing the next morning 
You can't tell from the picture, but the amniotic fluid was running into my shoes.

and before the day was out, I was holding the little girl who would change everything.

The two of us, just a bit shocked and terrified.

Tomorrow, my Emma Bean turns two. Wow. She is constantly finding new ways to make me happy, frustrated, giddy, and exhausted. And she just won't stop growing! 

For a full view of our professional photos click here.

Here's to you, Squeaky the Cheese Burrito, Snickerdoodle, Emma Bean, Bean Sprout, Sprouty Sprout and Grandma's Girl. You don't look a day over 48 months to me. 


  1. I totally thought "Happy birthday Squeaky the Cheese Burrito!" when I saw it was her birthday. I love, love that nickname. I still think of her as that :)